Top 3 Brands for 32 inch TVs In India - Check HERE

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In recent, the craze of having big screen size tv is getting hike in the world. And why not? We all love to watch action movies, to play games and to watch soccer game on tv. For all these, we must have big tv with all latest functions. 

There are many brands which are providing high quality HDR quality of video quality on 32 inch tv at very low price. We have researched some of the brands which are having good TVs, below are the list of the top brands which provides best 32 inch tvs for home use in india.

The Top Brands for 32 inch TVs in India

65 inch TVs
There are many brands which provides very lost cost (almost under 25,000) 32 inch tv with full HD 4K streaming, but we have selected some of the trustworthy brands which you can trust. Do check out below top brands for 32 inch tv.

#1 LG

LG is very known brand and has very high goodwill in all over the world. They have released some of the best 32 inch tvs like LG 32LH576D. Out of all top 3 options, 32LH576D is one of the all time best and highest selling 32 inch tv in india. They have provided all the connectivity options, high refresh rate, and have good user feedback as well. Many TV shows and gadget sites has given first preference to the LG brand.

LG has the highest customer satisfaction ration as well and guess what their model
32LH576D tops the list of top 32 inch 4k TV’s list.

#2 Samsung

After LG, Samsung has the highest share in the house hold appliances. In OLED TV as well, Samsung has released some of the top models which are quite popular in the market. Samsung 32 inch Tv models like Samsung 32J4003-SF &Samsung FH4003 are getting positive feedback's from the users. They have provided HDMI, USB and other connectivity options with their 32 inch tvs.

People were quite happy with the customer service of the Samsung which is one of the most important factors. After sales service always matters the most.

#3 Sony

When it comes to music or entertainment, one cannot forget the sony brand. Sony has given the best music quality system which equally matches to the dolby digital sound. Sony has released 32 inch tv models like Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E have very nice reviews and features as well.

Apart from video picture quality, sony tops the list in music quality as well, so music lovers, here is your gift.

These are the top 3 brands which are having good user feedback. While we also suggest you to look for other things like picture quality, price, feature, connectivity options, refresh rates and warranty provide with the new 32 inch tv. One can use 4k HDR streaming stick to stream videos to your 32 inch tv from Netflix, youtube, and other streaming sites.

Brand alone should not be the deciding factor for you to buy new 32 inch tv, there are many other factors too you should check while buying new 32 inch tv. But above all, brand trust matters the most.

MP Cooperative Bank Recruitment Exam 2017 - 1634 Clerical Positions Available

Leave a Comment - Madhya Pradesh bank recruitment notification is out, for the post of clerks. There are around 1634 posts to be filled. They can also be known as computer operators. The exam includes the recruitment for 37 district central cooperative banks. 

MP Cooperative Bank Recruitment Exam 2017 - 1634 clerical positions available

MP Cooperative Bank Recruitment Exam 2017
For applying to this, grade 4 posts, one must be eligible too. It is really a good opportunity for all those candidates, who wish to make their career in the field of banking. This exam deals with the clerical positions in the Madhya Pradesh cooperative bank recruitment. 

The seats division as per the reservation includes –
  • Male: 386 Posts
  • Female: 232 Posts
SC – 267
  • Male: 164 Posts
  • Female: 103 Posts
ST – 437
  • Male: 274 Posts
  • Female: 163 Posts
OBC – 101
  • Male: 65 Posts
  • Female: 36 Posts
PWD – 59
UR: 25 Posts
ST: 20 Posts
SC: 12 Posts
OBC: 02 Posts
Ex-ARMY MAN – 152
UR: 69 Posts
  • ST: 49 Posts
  • SC: 25 Posts
  • OBC: 09 Posts.

Eligibility criteria – If one is willing to apply to appear for the exam, for this post, then he/she should follow certain eligibility criteria’s
  • The age of the candidate must be in between 18 – 35 years as on 01/01/2017 (5 years of age relaxation to sc/st and 10 years for women and physically handicapped candidates.
  • Appearing candidates must have a bachelor’s degree by their side.

Apart from the above, the candidates should have knowledge of both hindi and English typing and for some more qualification details, candidate should refer to the official notification.
Selection Process – 

Online examination as well as written examination, both will be there for the selection of the candidate.
Phase 1 of the exam consists of reasoning ability and numerical ability. The number of question are 40 – 40 for each part and the time limit is 45 minutes only. 

Around 5000 to 6000 candidates will be passed to the next phase i.e phase 2. 

Phase 2 of the exam consists of 40 questions each for Reasoning ability, Numerical ability, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness and English Language, and a total of 200 questions. Phase 2 will be of 2 hours.

Points to be noted –

1. There is a negative marking of ¼ for every negative answer.
2. There will no interview for the post of clerks.
3. Merit list of the candidates will be prepared.

Application Fees –

The general and the OBC candidates need to pay an application fee of 800 INR whereas, SC and ST candidates have to pay 600 INR. The application fee is non refundable.

  • Candidates can apply in between 1 March 2017 to 17 March 2017 at the official site of the bank which is
  • Call letters can be downloaded around 7 days before the day of examination
  • Preliminary exam result will be declared after 3-4 days of the exams itself.
  • Above 2 points are applicable for the mains as well.

For more updates on the government jobs and sarkari naukri, keep visiting the educational blogs.

Elliptical Machine VS Treadmill - Which One is Better?

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When it comes to exercise at home, most of us look at the treadmill option as it is most popular and very well marketed. We don’t even look for the other options. But now things are changed. Now in market, you can also get elliptical machine in same price which has same or more benefit. Here is small comparison done by us on treadmill vs elliptical machine, do check and know which one is better.

Elliptical Machine VS Treadmill - Which One is Better?

Elliptical Machine VS Treadmill
Calories burner: - After reading the review of elliptical machines on this blog, we come to know that elliptical machine burns more calories than treadmill in 30 mins of use. Yes, both have same moment of body but due to high stretching of hands, the elliptical burns more calories and also it even burns the calories after use as well. 

While the treadmill also burns your calories but not as much as elliptical trainer and only till you are working out. We have checked different blogs where we found that the elliptical machines burn more calories.

Target Muscles: - In Treadmill, your legs and lower body parts are more targeted. If you are working out for weight loss, you must also focus on lower body workout as well. With elliptical, you can also target your upper body parts as well,  as your upper and lower body parts, both moves simultaneously.

Joints: - With high speed usage of treadmill, you need to be careful as single miss or the unfocused workout can injured you.  You need to be careful while working out with treadmill. While with elliptical, you can use it easily. Your legs are touched with pads and hands on the handle bar. You don’t require much training as you are holding the machine with two ways.

Safety: - Though, elliptical machines are safer than treadmill but if you go little more careful about the treadmill, they are also safe to use as well. We consider both of them as safe choice of machine for exercise.

Easy to use :- If you are assembling the elliptical machine at home, you need to read the user manual, while with treadmill it is not like that. Treadmill is easy to use than elliptical, just press the program and start running. For light exercise, people prefer to have treadmill at home.

Different functions: - In treadmill, you can only do incline and speed change while with elliptical machine; you are allowed to have incline, intensity, forward – backward motion etc. Elliptical machines provide more variety of workouts that treadmill.

Noisy:- Compared to treadmill, elliptical machines are quieter. If your treadmill’s belt goes out of date, you need to change it as the old belt will create more noise. While the elliptical machine doesn’t have any belt. You can do regular oiling of the joints of elliptical machine and enjoy noise free workout at home.

This is our comparison on the some points between elliptical machine and treadmills. If you are looking forward to buy new elliptical machine or treadmill or any other exercise machine, do read the above points and then only buy new one. For more updates and reviews, keep visiting us.

About Salt March - Dandi Satyagrah By Mahatma Gandhi

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Just 87 Years Ago, Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters has set off the historical Salt March, which has vibrated the strong foot holds of British Government in India. It was 390 km long march, also known as “Dandi Satyagrah”, which was against taxation on salt production. 

About Salt March - Dandi Satyagrah By Mahatma Gandhi

British officers have imposed high tax on salt production which was directly impacting the price of the salt. For poor people of India, salt is most consumed thing, it was pro-poor march, and such things pressured Mahatma Gandhi to go to the small village of south Gujarat, called “Dandi” which was highest salt producer of india.

Mahatma Gandhi had started Salt march in 12th March, 1930.if you are enjoying low price of the salt even today, it is because of the efforts of the mahatma Gandhi. He started the march from Sabarmati ashram, Ahmadabad with just 78 people. But as soon as the people got to know about the march, more and more people joined them in the journey. The destination of the march, Dandi was 240 miles far from the Ahmadabad, in between the journey, more than 8,0000 people joined them and finished the 240 miles long march in 24 days, ended on 6th april, 1930.

After the march, britishers has arrested all the protestors, but for short time. Mahatma Gandhi has keep the march ongoing, they addressed many meetings to salt producing workers, make aware them about the new tax imposed by british government on how it can impact them. On 5th May, 1930, even mahatma Gandhi was too arrested. Gandhi had picked up salt grains at dandi to end the salt march.

But this salt march has turned the things up side down for British government. More and more parts of India has started slat march, atrocity of British government has been highlighted by many portals. They beaten 60 year old persons in salt march, and this made the blacklash of the British government. For example, Sarojini naidu too started salt mach with 2500 members on 21st may to the darshana salt works, north Bombay.

On the January 1931 (after almost 6-8 months), Mahatma Gandhi was released from the prison and he met the lord Irwin and after meeting him he called off the salt march.  India was finally granted independence in 1947, after 17 years of the salt march, but this march was the reason to boost protest against British, who awaken the Indians and more and more parts of the india has started protest against them. So, you can say salt march had very long term effect, but this march also exposed the two parts of congress.

As Sardar patel who go hand to hand with Gandhi but Nehru and other congress members called off this march on 1934. In 2005, on 75th anniversary of the salt march, UPA chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi took the same route, participated in dandi anniversary, visited Sabarmati aashram on 12th march, 2005. Government of India has issued many stamps and issued Rs.5 coin in memory of salt march.

It was one of the best protests in the journey of getting independence; it was lovely memory, people who associated with this march or their family members, gets emotional when they remember about this march. Below are some photographs of Salt March, posted below.

Narendra Modi and His Governance Style

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Narendra Modi’s government will complete 3 years after 2 months in May, 2017. Here we are analyzing the governance model he trying to set up in India in these 3 years. And not to mention, its only 2 years left for him to finish up the things he promised in 2014 before taking over as Prime minister’s chair.

Narendra Modi and His Governance Style

Narendra Modi
Two things which happened in last 6 months has changed the things totally, especially the political scenario of India. After Delhi and bihar’s defeat everyone was thinking that governance model (land acquisition bill) is not going in favour of BJP and Modi. Every political expert has started making Nitish Kumar or Rahul Gandhi as next PM candidate of the India. But despite big loss in Bihar, Pm Modi played big gamble in November, 2016. He introduced demonetization of 500-1000 notes and introduced new notes. Everyone was thinking that this is end of the modi era.

As the biggest state of the India was about to go in poll in next months. Including uttar Pradesh and other 5 states, BJP make win in 4 states, formed government in Manipur for the first time and changed the political scenario again. After Bihar’s defeat, modi government has introduced Ujjawal Yojana and Free LED scheme (Ujala Yojana) was super hit, and demonetization made modi’s image as pro poor leader (robinhood) kind of. 

Those ujjawala Yojana (free LPG gas connection) and Ujala yojana even surpassed Mudra Bank Yojana, and other 3 insurance schemes of modi. Also, it is important to note hear that even in the defeat of BJP bihar, modi’s popularity was quite intact. But Demonetization has impacted a lot to the GDP and other economy datas of India. Does it affected black money is different debate.

Another thing that mattered is PM modi is quite easily reachable. As per this Article, you can reach to the PM of India in 10 different ways. Many people even sending him suggestion using Narendra Modi Android Application, and many more ways, you can easily share your ideas and problems with your prime minister. Also, PM modi holds “Mann ki Baat” radio program where he shares his views on recent trending topics and interact with people. 

Apart from that, he has got very good cabinet ministers as well. For example, Sushma swaraj is quite popular among the voters, who answer their queries related to passport/visa in minutes. Even sometimes she even replies to tweets at Late 3 AM also. Other ministers like Piyush goyal, nitin gadkari, Rajnath Singh; Ex- Defense Minister Manohar parikar was too quite popular among youth. 

Expect finance minister arun jaitley, everyone is in the cabinet is enjoying good quality of credibility from people. There will be next president election too in 2017, where Pm Modi (after winning 4 new states) will get own choice of president, though the current president was also quite supportive to modi government. Also, the opposition is getting weak, congress is also dying.

Though, if the opposition parties get united (as it looks like) they might give some fight to the Narendra modi in 2019, else it will be cakewalk for modi, can easily get re-elected for PM post, as there is no anti-incumbency he is having. Punjab is the only state where his popularity is decreasing. 

Sources :-

Top 5 Best Refrigerator in India - Which Fridge To Buy This Summer?

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Everyone wants cold water to drink in summer and every household also require Refrigerator to save food since in hot summer, we need to take extra precaution to save food items from hot temperature. Milk products, milk and vegetables can get dry very quickly and can also ruin your dinner plans. So, here we are recommending some of the best Refrigerators which you can buy this summer.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Refrigerator in India

Best Refrigerator in India
Below are some of best refrigerator which having cheap price, good performance and appreciated by users of India. One of the important questions asked by our reader is that which is the Best refrigerator in India to buy in 2017? We have tried to answer this question here. We have shortlisted fridge from haier, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung and other brands which are popular in India. We have already reviewed air conditioners here.

1. Haier HRF 618 SS Frost-free Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator

This one is from Haier, which international brand, has good user ratings and quite famous in india as well. This is side-by-side inverter fridge, which has 565 litr of capacity, and fully stainless steel body. It has big space and lots of tray to fullfill all your food items.

Haier gives 1 year of full product warranty and 11 years of compressor warranty with this fridge. The inner shelf of the fridge is also of Toughened glass, can hold big weight easily.

2. Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT 2S Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

Under rs.30000 Price, Whirlpool Pro 355 is good option to buy this summer. This fridge has 340 litr of capacity, display panel on the front and double door for easy operation. BEE has given 2 star ratings to this fridge.

Whirlpool gives 1 year of warranty to the product and 9 years warranty on inverter compressor. This inverter fridge has good cooling, and fast ice maker as well. It has many features which can be useful for you.

3. LG GL-Q282SPZL Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator

This one from LG is also good option but has low capacity to hold. It has 255 lits of capacity and got 4 star ratings from BEE. This is low price group double door fridge which falls under Rs.26,999 price group.

LG has good record for good after sales service record. This fridge has got Inverter Compressor which got 9 years of warranty from LG (1 year for full body). You will get double twist ice tray with this fridge.

4. Haier 1954BS-R Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator

For single door fridge lovers, this is good option for you from Haier. It has got 195 litrs of capacity and 4 star ratings from BEE. It has got simple compressor which has got 9 years of warranty from haier and 1 year of full product warranty.

It has innovative technology which gives you ice in just 1 hr with latest icing technology. Under Rs.11,999 this is one of the best fridge you can have. It has got many part which you can use for placing your food items and water bottles.

5. Kenstar NH203EBR-FDA Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator

Under Rs.10,000 price group, this is good option to buy. Single door refrigerator from Kenstar, with 190 litrs of capacity, and 3 star BEE ratings. It is very basic kind of fridge, which is good for 2 member family.

It does not have Wire Shelves, unlike other fridge which provides glass shelves. The Reciprocatory Compressor and anti bacterial gasket secure your food for long time. if you are looking for cheap priced fridge in India, do go for Kenstar NH203EBR.

Conclusion: - These are the best fridge in India which you can buy this year. Top websites gave recommendation, which says you must go with the double door fridge which gives you big space and good strong performance. You can find good fridge with double door technology under Rs.30000 easily. For more updates on the latest trends of the India, keep visiting us.

Benefits of Buying Term Insurance Plan Online

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Are you looking forward to buy new term plan for you and your family? We have researched and found that everyone should have best term insurance plan to secure their family and also secure future of your children’s as well. We have found some of the great benefits which come with every term insurance plan, which we have listed below.

After much research, and considering recommendation of Best Term Insurance Plans 2017 (based on IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio), here is the benefits of having term insurance plan.

Benefits of Buying Term Insurance Plan Online

Term Insurance Plan
Tax Benefits :- Many term plans gives you tax benefit, you can claim your term insurance policy under IT act 80C, 80D and 10D to get tax benefit and reduce your return file amount. You can check the details of the term insurance plan when buying new plan, and prefer to have plan which gives you tax benefit.

Provide cover for critical illness: - Unlike many health insurance, term insurance plans provides cover to the cancer and other critical illness and can provide financial help to you or your family. In case if you are head of the family and your family (education of your child) is dependent on your shoulder, you must consider having term insurance plan.

Cheap premium rates: - Depends on the cover you select in your term insurance plan, they defiantly lower than your insurance premium. Term insurance premium starts from Rs.2280/ per year for the cover of rs.10 lac (approx). So, its a good deal to have cheap price cover and many benefits which provides security.

Adjusted Premium Payment options
: - one can pay on monthly, or quarterly or even can pay yearly premium. You can choose the option of payment as per your convenience. Almost all term insurance company provides 3 options to pay your term insurance premium payment.

You can buy it online: - No need to call agents and get in to their trap, you can read the terms and conditions of the term plan and buy new term plan online easily. Within 5 minutes you can secure your family and secure your child’s education. Buy it online and support Cashless transactions as well.

Flexibility: - in case if you have bought term insurance before marriage and after marriage you want to include your wife and after years you want to include your children as well, you can do it any time. Though, your term insurance premium will be increased but it makes sure that you can secure your family anytime and no need to buy new term plan for new family member.

Covers non-hospitalization charges: - If you are ill and need more days of bed rest and for reasons you couldn’t continue your job, your term insurance will pay for your day-to-day expense as well. No need to worry, your term plan will manage your home expense as well (For short period of time).

These are the main benefits of buying term insurance plan. We have reviewed and mentioned some of the top term insurance plan. Best Term Insurance Plans are affordable, provides good service, effortless support, are provided from big brands, have good claim settlement ratio, and has good positive user feedback as well.

Do find and buy today new term insurance plan and secure your family from financial losses.

Which is Best Split AC in India of 2017?

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Are you searching for best air conditioner for your home? Summer Is almost here and the reason, we must need a good AC which cool down the home temperature and give us sound sleep at noon and night. 

After much research and taken reference of big blogs, we have shortlisted the best split ac of India which has low power consumption, low price, and great cooling. Do check the features, pros and cons of the our best split ac in India 2017.

Which is Best Split AC in India of 2017?

Working in hot is really very tough and now a days, even it is getting more hotter due to climatic conditions. Of course a fan is not sufficient enough to provide the required cooling. 

It is very much genuine that either you need a cooler or an air conditioner. Well, if you are getting an air conditioner in the price of a cooler, then of course you will choose the air conditioner. Right? Here also, this LG LSA3NP5A, best split ac in 1 ton 5 star category. This split AC is just cheap enough as per the technologies and the features it holds. 

Just for 30,000 INR , you will get a very high tech AC with various features and technologies, which you will get at no cost. This AC is one of the best product by LG. 

This is the best AC from LG. It is very elegantly designed.


  • Capacity of 1 tons
  • Split installation type
  • Remote control console
  • Multi flow condenser
  • Dual protection filter
  • Auto cleaning feature filter
  • Night glow remote button
  • Stabilizer free protection/operation
  • Auto air swing with rotary compressor
  • Speed setting feature available
  • 2 way direction.

Thumbs UP for LG LSA3NP5A 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Although, the AC is being liked by many people but some of the main positive points about the AC includes -
  • 5 star rating by the clients
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Consumes minimum energy
  • Special glow button to operate the AC in dark.
  • Provide fresh and cool air using Himalayan Cooling Technology
  • Monsoon Cooling Technology for maintaining humidity level.
  • Digital front panel display.
  • Provides indication for indoor temperature as well.

Thumbs Down for LG LSA3NP5A 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Everything has negative points. Nothing in this world is perfect and so thus, this AC also have some negative points associated with it, which are explained below –
  • Less accountability from LG representatives
  • Bad online complaint system
  • Slightly bright temperature indicator
  • Indicator of the temperature facing downwards
  • Up to 2000 inr charges for installation
  • Few bad reviews by the customers.
Also, You may purchase the mounting stand as you will be charged separate by the fixing personal for it. They charged nominally 800/- for that. If you find good quality at cheaper price at Amazon, please go for it.

Electrical Point should of 15 or 16Amps. You should consider the fixing position by assuming that you will be using a Stabilizer later (or now).

You may find the fixing cost below which was charged to me by LG Installation/Demo team [Bangalore].

Thus, if you are willing to buy this AC then go on. This is one of the most popular AC is a very formal look and high level of cooling quality with some very interesting technologies including the mountain technology and monsoon technology too.

Top 5 Benefits of Cashless Transaction

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On the 8th November, 2016, Prime minister of India has announced demonetization and with immediate effect Rs.500 and Rs.1000’s note are discontinued. Due to the demonetization effect, there was big shortage of cash in India; government of India has pushed for cashless economy. 

Top 5 Benefits of Cashless Transaction

Benefits of Cashless Transaction
Many people from urban areas had supported demonetization and cashless economy. But in rural areas, where there is very low number of smart phone users are exist and very low coverage of internet in rural area, there was big trouble for them to go cashless.

But to solve this issue, government of India has launched BHIM Application and aadhar based payment option under which user don’t require smart phone; one can make payment via USSD code as well. But many people are still in confusing about benefits of cashless economy. So, here we are offering some of the major benefits of cashless economy.

Major Benefits of Cashless Economy

Below we have mentioned some of the important benefits which will provide you more emphasis to follow cashless economy.

#1 Easy way to track spending Account Transaction

Since, most of the transactions are done via mobile application. One can easily track all the spending, transaction with just simple click. You can save more money and get accountability of money transaction. It will help you to fill income tax return as well.

#2 Online Shopping offers Big Discounts

Unlike all offline shopping, online shopping sites offers big discounts. Sites like amazon, flipkart and other sites offer big discounts. To get best product at low price, you can refer to product review blogs where you get list of top products and help you to decide which product you buy.

And part form this offers, you get cash back offers for using some debit cards/credit cards for payment. And using mobile wallet payments, you can more discounts. Some online shopping sites also conduct online sales festival where you get more discounts. Government of India also offered discounts on service tax, fuel surcharge, e-IRCTC ticket booking with cashless traction.

#3 most convenient way

You don’t need to carry big bundle of cash and worry about cash theft. But using cashless payment of cards, you can pay for all shopping expense with just card. You don’t need stand in long ATM queues for cash withdrawal, and waste your time. Using card payments, you can just go for safe and saving mode shopping.

#4 Don’t need to worry about Change

With cash payments, for small payment of bills, you need to arrange changes, small amount of notes for exchange. But with card payments, you don’t need to worry about changes. You pay exactly for exact amount. This is most convenient way to pay for small amount and for fraction.

#5 Very Low Risk

Though, some risk like cyber theft and other are also associated with cashless traction, but its quite lower than cash transaction. One can use bio-metric Ids to get identify yourself while making payment with cards. Other verification process like OTP and password verification is still convenient to use.

Overall, it’s a most advance way to make payment and easy as well. But some people are not ready to go with cashless, government is making tutorials for cash transaction and building infrastructure. But with increasing number of Smartphone buyers and reducing internet plans of mobile company, there is high chance that soon more people will start following cashless transaction.

We also recommended our readers to join the digital mission and adopt the digital payments as soon as possible and also it helps to go paperless, save the environment.

13 Important Facts About Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which was started by Prime Minister Narendra modi on 2nd October, 2014 (after announcement from the red fort on 15th August, 2014). This abhiyan or mission is purely dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, who loved cleanness more than anything. 

13 Important Facts About Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
Under this mission, government of India is offering financial aid to poor people of India to built toilet and provide pure drinking water. Building toilets for public in public place, provide toilet for villages, playground, households, are some of the main task of swachh bharat abhiyan. 

Also under this mission, government of India scheduling yearly ranking contents among cities of India. The city which performs the best, get 1 to 15 ranking by government of India. It has been said that Gandhi bapu loves cleanness more than anything, and he always pressured for clean and green India. So, to fulfil this dream of Gandhiji, Prime minister modi has aimed to celebrated Mahatma gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary (2nd October, 2019) with gifting clean India. And for that government of India is working very hard.

Below are some of the statistics related to this mission, which you loved to check;

  1. Govt of India has allocated Rs.62,009 crores of budget for this mission.
  2. Arond 1.04 crore of households will be covered under this mission and will be provided toilets.
  3. Govt will fit 2.5 lakh community toilet seats, 2.6 lakh seats of public toilets, and also make effort for solid waste management.
  4. Only 22% of Indian rural family had toilet facility (as per the data of 2011).
  5. Govt of india offers Rs.10000-12000 for building toilets to households.
  6. Under which state has 30% of money to contribute, while rest of the money are offered by central govt.
  7. To market more, PM Modi has nominated some of the big stars like Kapil Sharma, Indian cricket team, Kiran Bedi, sourav ganguly, India today group, and many more.
  8. By 2016 (within 2 year), 3 Indian states are declared open defection free.
  9. Many local people in many states also voluntarily participated in this mission.
  10. Sikkim was the first state in india which was declared open defection free. Himachal Pradesh and Kerala was on 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  11. Under Swachh bharat mission, Indian railways also installed 37,000 bio-toilets and by 2018, all train-coaches to have bio toilets.
  12. Clean anganwadis, playgrounds, food, self cleaning, are also part of this mission.
  13. Every Member of Parliament is asked to adopt one village of their constituency and empower them and clean it.
These are some of the important aspects of swachh bharat abhiyan. India is trying hard to fulfill all the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi. After salt march and many other missions, Gandhi has played key role to improve lives of poor villages of india. Not only government, common citizen of india too participating in cleanness drive and adding their contribution.

Government of india has hired super star amitabh bachchan and below are videos of Advertisement which shoot for swachh bharat abhiyan with amitabh bachchan.

For more updates related to India and government works, keep visiting india and around blog. 

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