Which is Best Split AC in India of 2017?

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Are you searching for best air conditioner for your home? Summer Is almost here and the reason, we must need a good AC which cool down the home temperature and give us sound sleep at noon and night. 

After much research and taken reference of big blogs, we have shortlisted the best split ac of India which has low power consumption, low price, and great cooling. Do check the features, pros and cons of the our best split ac in India 2017.

Which is Best Split AC in India of 2017?

Working in hot is really very tough and now a days, even it is getting more hotter due to climatic conditions. Of course a fan is not sufficient enough to provide the required cooling. 

It is very much genuine that either you need a cooler or an air conditioner. Well, if you are getting an air conditioner in the price of a cooler, then of course you will choose the air conditioner. Right? Here also, this LG LSA3NP5A, best split ac in 1 ton 5 star category. This split AC is just cheap enough as per the technologies and the features it holds. 

Just for 30,000 INR , you will get a very high tech AC with various features and technologies, which you will get at no cost. This AC is one of the best product by LG. 

This is the best AC from LG. It is very elegantly designed.


  • Capacity of 1 tons
  • Split installation type
  • Remote control console
  • Multi flow condenser
  • Dual protection filter
  • Auto cleaning feature filter
  • Night glow remote button
  • Stabilizer free protection/operation
  • Auto air swing with rotary compressor
  • Speed setting feature available
  • 2 way direction.

Thumbs UP for LG LSA3NP5A 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Although, the AC is being liked by many people but some of the main positive points about the AC includes -
  • 5 star rating by the clients
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Consumes minimum energy
  • Special glow button to operate the AC in dark.
  • Provide fresh and cool air using Himalayan Cooling Technology
  • Monsoon Cooling Technology for maintaining humidity level.
  • Digital front panel display.
  • Provides indication for indoor temperature as well.

Thumbs Down for LG LSA3NP5A 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Everything has negative points. Nothing in this world is perfect and so thus, this AC also have some negative points associated with it, which are explained below –
  • Less accountability from LG representatives
  • Bad online complaint system
  • Slightly bright temperature indicator
  • Indicator of the temperature facing downwards
  • Up to 2000 inr charges for installation
  • Few bad reviews by the customers.
Also, You may purchase the mounting stand as you will be charged separate by the fixing personal for it. They charged nominally 800/- for that. If you find good quality at cheaper price at Amazon, please go for it.

Electrical Point should of 15 or 16Amps. You should consider the fixing position by assuming that you will be using a Stabilizer later (or now).

You may find the fixing cost below which was charged to me by LG Installation/Demo team [Bangalore].

Thus, if you are willing to buy this AC then go on. This is one of the most popular AC is a very formal look and high level of cooling quality with some very interesting technologies including the mountain technology and monsoon technology too.


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