About Salt March - Dandi Satyagrah By Mahatma Gandhi

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Just 87 Years Ago, Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters has set off the historical Salt March, which has vibrated the strong foot holds of British Government in India. It was 390 km long march, also known as “Dandi Satyagrah”, which was against taxation on salt production. 

About Salt March - Dandi Satyagrah By Mahatma Gandhi

British officers have imposed high tax on salt production which was directly impacting the price of the salt. For poor people of India, salt is most consumed thing, it was pro-poor march, and such things pressured Mahatma Gandhi to go to the small village of south Gujarat, called “Dandi” which was highest salt producer of india.

Mahatma Gandhi had started Salt march in 12th March, 1930.if you are enjoying low price of the salt even today, it is because of the efforts of the mahatma Gandhi. He started the march from Sabarmati ashram, Ahmadabad with just 78 people. But as soon as the people got to know about the march, more and more people joined them in the journey. The destination of the march, Dandi was 240 miles far from the Ahmadabad, in between the journey, more than 8,0000 people joined them and finished the 240 miles long march in 24 days, ended on 6th april, 1930.

After the march, britishers has arrested all the protestors, but for short time. Mahatma Gandhi has keep the march ongoing, they addressed many meetings to salt producing workers, make aware them about the new tax imposed by british government on how it can impact them. On 5th May, 1930, even mahatma Gandhi was too arrested. Gandhi had picked up salt grains at dandi to end the salt march.

But this salt march has turned the things up side down for British government. More and more parts of India has started slat march, atrocity of British government has been highlighted by many portals. They beaten 60 year old persons in salt march, and this made the blacklash of the British government. For example, Sarojini naidu too started salt mach with 2500 members on 21st may to the darshana salt works, north Bombay.

On the January 1931 (after almost 6-8 months), Mahatma Gandhi was released from the prison and he met the lord Irwin and after meeting him he called off the salt march.  India was finally granted independence in 1947, after 17 years of the salt march, but this march was the reason to boost protest against British, who awaken the Indians and more and more parts of the india has started protest against them. So, you can say salt march had very long term effect, but this march also exposed the two parts of congress.

As Sardar patel who go hand to hand with Gandhi but Nehru and other congress members called off this march on 1934. In 2005, on 75th anniversary of the salt march, UPA chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi took the same route, participated in dandi anniversary, visited Sabarmati aashram on 12th march, 2005. Government of India has issued many stamps and issued Rs.5 coin in memory of salt march.

It was one of the best protests in the journey of getting independence; it was lovely memory, people who associated with this march or their family members, gets emotional when they remember about this march. Below are some photographs of Salt March, posted below.


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