Narendra Modi and His Governance Style

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Narendra Modi’s government will complete 3 years after 2 months in May, 2017. Here we are analyzing the governance model he trying to set up in India in these 3 years. And not to mention, its only 2 years left for him to finish up the things he promised in 2014 before taking over as Prime minister’s chair.

Narendra Modi and His Governance Style

Narendra Modi
Two things which happened in last 6 months has changed the things totally, especially the political scenario of India. After Delhi and bihar’s defeat everyone was thinking that governance model (land acquisition bill) is not going in favour of BJP and Modi. Every political expert has started making Nitish Kumar or Rahul Gandhi as next PM candidate of the India. But despite big loss in Bihar, Pm Modi played big gamble in November, 2016. He introduced demonetization of 500-1000 notes and introduced new notes. Everyone was thinking that this is end of the modi era.

As the biggest state of the India was about to go in poll in next months. Including uttar Pradesh and other 5 states, BJP make win in 4 states, formed government in Manipur for the first time and changed the political scenario again. After Bihar’s defeat, modi government has introduced Ujjawal Yojana and Free LED scheme (Ujala Yojana) was super hit, and demonetization made modi’s image as pro poor leader (robinhood) kind of. 

Those ujjawala Yojana (free LPG gas connection) and Ujala yojana even surpassed Mudra Bank Yojana, and other 3 insurance schemes of modi. Also, it is important to note hear that even in the defeat of BJP bihar, modi’s popularity was quite intact. But Demonetization has impacted a lot to the GDP and other economy datas of India. Does it affected black money is different debate.

Another thing that mattered is PM modi is quite easily reachable. As per this Article, you can reach to the PM of India in 10 different ways. Many people even sending him suggestion using Narendra Modi Android Application, and many more ways, you can easily share your ideas and problems with your prime minister. Also, PM modi holds “Mann ki Baat” radio program where he shares his views on recent trending topics and interact with people. 

Apart from that, he has got very good cabinet ministers as well. For example, Sushma swaraj is quite popular among the voters, who answer their queries related to passport/visa in minutes. Even sometimes she even replies to tweets at Late 3 AM also. Other ministers like Piyush goyal, nitin gadkari, Rajnath Singh; Ex- Defense Minister Manohar parikar was too quite popular among youth. 

Expect finance minister arun jaitley, everyone is in the cabinet is enjoying good quality of credibility from people. There will be next president election too in 2017, where Pm Modi (after winning 4 new states) will get own choice of president, though the current president was also quite supportive to modi government. Also, the opposition is getting weak, congress is also dying.

Though, if the opposition parties get united (as it looks like) they might give some fight to the Narendra modi in 2019, else it will be cakewalk for modi, can easily get re-elected for PM post, as there is no anti-incumbency he is having. Punjab is the only state where his popularity is decreasing. 

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