Top 3 Brands for 32 inch TVs In India - Check HERE

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In recent, the craze of having big screen size tv is getting hike in the world. And why not? We all love to watch action movies, to play games and to watch soccer game on tv. For all these, we must have big tv with all latest functions. 

There are many brands which are providing high quality HDR quality of video quality on 32 inch tv at very low price. We have researched some of the brands which are having good TVs, below are the list of the top brands which provides best 32 inch tvs for home use in india.

The Top Brands for 32 inch TVs in India

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There are many brands which provides very lost cost (almost under 25,000) 32 inch tv with full HD 4K streaming, but we have selected some of the trustworthy brands which you can trust. Do check out below top brands for 32 inch tv.

#1 LG

LG is very known brand and has very high goodwill in all over the world. They have released some of the best 32 inch tvs like LG 32LH576D. Out of all top 3 options, 32LH576D is one of the all time best and highest selling 32 inch tv in india. They have provided all the connectivity options, high refresh rate, and have good user feedback as well. Many TV shows and gadget sites has given first preference to the LG brand.

LG has the highest customer satisfaction ration as well and guess what their model
32LH576D tops the list of top 32 inch 4k TV’s list.

#2 Samsung

After LG, Samsung has the highest share in the house hold appliances. In OLED TV as well, Samsung has released some of the top models which are quite popular in the market. Samsung 32 inch Tv models like Samsung 32J4003-SF &Samsung FH4003 are getting positive feedback's from the users. They have provided HDMI, USB and other connectivity options with their 32 inch tvs.

People were quite happy with the customer service of the Samsung which is one of the most important factors. After sales service always matters the most.

#3 Sony

When it comes to music or entertainment, one cannot forget the sony brand. Sony has given the best music quality system which equally matches to the dolby digital sound. Sony has released 32 inch tv models like Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E have very nice reviews and features as well.

Apart from video picture quality, sony tops the list in music quality as well, so music lovers, here is your gift.

These are the top 3 brands which are having good user feedback. While we also suggest you to look for other things like picture quality, price, feature, connectivity options, refresh rates and warranty provide with the new 32 inch tv. One can use 4k HDR streaming stick to stream videos to your 32 inch tv from Netflix, youtube, and other streaming sites.

Brand alone should not be the deciding factor for you to buy new 32 inch tv, there are many other factors too you should check while buying new 32 inch tv. But above all, brand trust matters the most.
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