Health Benefits of using Inversion Table for Back Pain

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Inversion therapy is a procedure in which an individual is suspended upside down for stretching the backbone and alleviate back pain. The theory is that by moving the gravity of the body, pressure facilitates off the back while giving traction for the backbone. For such reasons, inversion therapy might be advantageous for individuals with long-term lower back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, and scoliosis.

What Research is Saying about Inversion Therapy?

People, who support inversion therapy, give an opinion that the procedure can solve and block back problems. They believe the stretching, as well as circulatory advantages, can be helpful in preventing future related health problems. However, studies remain inconclusive regarding the performance of inversion therapy. 

As per, inversion exercises should provide assistance to the spine by:
  • Generating more protective fluid throughout spinal discs
  • Eliminating waste from the spine
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Enhancing blood circulation via surrounding muscles
This is what the research suggests about four possible advantages of inversion therapy:-

Alleviated Back Pain: One study analyzes 47 people suffering from chronic low back pain and experiencing inversion therapy. They have practiced inversion therapy in 3 three-minute sets at varied angles. According to study, inversion therapy at 60 degrees alleviated back pain after the period of eight weeks. It also boosted strength and torso flexibility. 

Improved Spinal Health: According to theory, inversion therapy can improve the area between the spinal discs and alleviate pressure. Activities including running, sitting, and bending can place pressure on such discs. The pressure enhances the risk for back pain along with a collapsed vertebra and other difficulties. 

As per the experts, most of the well-designed studies discovered inversion therapy as ineffective, however, some individuals do report the particular form of stretching as an advantageous complementary treatment to back pain.

Enhanced Flexibility: Practicing inversion might also be translated to better flexibility. Over the time, micromovements in the backbone might be helpful in making the body stronger. You might find it easier to curve and reach. Inversion therapy is also said to improve boost posture. It might be specifically helpful in case you are involved with a desk job.

Alleviated Requirement of Surgery: According to one Study, the zero-gravity nature involved with inversion can decrease compression. The authors of the study recorded that inversion might possibly prevent disability from back issues. It might also alleviate the requirement for spinal surgery.

As per the study, individuals involved with lumbar disease alleviated their requirement of surgery six weeks following the utilization of inversion therapy. In spite of these discoveries, it is essential to note that back issues are complicated. However, before reaching any conclusion, it is crucial to consult an experienced doctor. 

The types of Inversion Therapy Devices and Techniques are Inversion tables, Inversion chairs, and Gravity (inversion) boots. A person might be able to draw the advantages of inversion therapy via certain yoga poses or asanas and they are headstands, shoulder stands, Plow pose, and handstands.

For more information, you can discover reliable internet resources or consult a doctor. You need to get specific and correct information in this regard.

How to File Complaint on HSBC Bank Online? -

Leave a Comment - HSBC India Bank is a subsidiary of the HSBC Holdings plc that is a British multinational banking and financial services company – the seventh largest bank in the world. The headquarter of HSBC India Bank is nestled in Mumbai and is controlled by the RBI, as it has been identified as a foreign bank controlled by the Banking Regulation Act 1949. 
HSBC Bank Online

HSBC has established its journey in India in the year 1853. The bank looks for providing the top-class quality services to its customers and involved with a straightforward grievance redressal system ready for addressing the complaints of the customers.

How to Register Complaint Online

The clients can make an online complaint by going to the official website of the bank and it is and filling up the complaint form online. The client simply needs to access to the several details in the specified fields, write an explanation of the issue and click the submit button for registering the complaint.

The clients can also send their complaints through email to the email address The email needs to be sent from the registered email id only. If the clients want to complain about demat account, then they need to send the email to The bank answers to the complaint in 10 days.

Making Complaints to Higher Authorities

The client can complain to the regional nodal officer in case the problem is not solved at the initial level or in case the bank fails to respond in 10 days. You can find the online complaint form for the regional nodal officer at the bank’s official website. The complaint reference number is given to the client in the prior stage also requires being gone accompanied by other details.

Clients, who are involved with net banking service for their accounts, could log in to their internet banking accounts and choose the alternative “Nodal officer” for sending their complaints. 

Complaints can be submitted to the Principal Nodal Officer in case the complaint is not solved in ten days even at the nodal officer’s level. You can discover online complaint form for Principal Nodal Officer is on the website of the bank. You can also send the complaint by mailing the details to the email address

How to contact HSBC Bank UK on their helpline number

Existing Customers

As per, The phone number of existing customers is 03457 404 404. Lines are open from 8am to 8pm every day or if you are an HSBC Advance Customer, this duration will be 24 hours a day. Response times from this number vary from the average response times whatever published.

Non-HSBC customers

The phone number of Non-HSBC customers is 03456 040 626. Lines are open 8am to 10pm daily (except Christmas Day, New Year's Day etc). The phone number is +44 1226 261 010 from the outside of UK. 

You might have several questions on your mind regarding this matter. If you have any other queries, then search the reliable internet resources or ask an expert in this field.

How Mountain Biking Helps to Improve Your Mental Power?

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Over the past few decades, mountain biking has become a prominent outdoor entertaining activity. Various health issues including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are increasing day by day and in this scenario, physical exercise, specifically in the outdoors has become more vital to individuals. 

Mountain biking is an exciting and fun way to experience various health benefits involving regular fitness as well as cardiovascular exercise including:
Mountain Biking

Improved Heart & Mental Health

Exercising on a regular basis might improve cardiovascular fitness. According to magazine, riding a bicycle for minimum 20 miles a week minimized the risk involved with coronary heart disease by approximately 50%. Mountain biking makes use of large muscle groups requiring lots of oxygen. It helps the heart to work steadily, improving the heart’s fitness by 3-7%.

Minimized Stress and Improved Mood

The powerful demands involved with mountain biking encourages the body to liberate natural endorphins through which body can feel better and receive significant energy. Exercise is also helpful raising serotonin that is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain assists in the prevention of anxiety and depression. 

The attention and focus required to ride an exciting single-track can become a moving meditation form, eventually assisting to relax. Acquiring new skills and enhancing the capabilities of mountain biking are helpful in building self-esteem and confidence.

Improved Coordination and Balance

Unlike activities on a treadmill, mountain biking is one dynamic activity in which the rider needs to adjust to different pitch, elevation, and terrain constantly. 

Maintenance steadiness and security on a mountain bike will keep you from crashing and also strengthen neural pathways as well as reinforce muscle memory. Balance, as well as coordination, needs the integrated resources of the senses, brain, nervous system, and muscles.

Reduced Risk of Diseases

Moderate exercise on a daily basis may strengthen one’s immune system and maintain the health. As per the Researchers, individuals, who cycle for 30 minutes and 5 days a week require half sick days off work, as compared to their sedentary peers.

According to another Study, women performing regular exercise including cycling to work experience with reduced occurrences of breast cancer.

Reduced Stress on the Joints

Mountain biking puts a lesser amount of stress on one’s joints, as compared to other aerobic activities (including running) and that is why this activity is known as a “low impact sport”. 

Cycling is also regarded as a “non-load bearing sport” that signifies that the work of sitting takes pressure away from your joints and decreases the risk of injuring them.

Sleep Better

You might instantly feel tired following a ride, however, it will eventually result in improved regenerative sleep whenever you have its requirement at night. 

The riding exercise reduces cortisol (the hormone that keeps a person conscious). As it is an amazing outdoor activity, therefore, it exposes a person to daylight that helps in the maintenance of natural circadian sleep or wake cycle of the body. It also helps to raise the vitamin D production in one’s body. 

If you are convinced enough, then you can think about mountain biking.

Why it is Important To Check Claim Settlement Ratio?

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Are you going to buy new term plan? Well before you buy your new term plan, do mind to check certain things. Apart from term plan’s conditions, rules etc you must look for the claim settlement ration. Yes, it is quite important to check the claim settlement ratio before you buy your new term plan. 
Claim Settlement Ratio

Term insurance plan is one of the best ways to insure your future and your family’s life. Term plans are quite cheaper nowadays, you can start securing your future with just Rs.14 per day to get Rs.1 crore of term plans (sounds good right?).

Yes, term plans are good to have for you and your family but you must check the important things like claim settlement ratio before buying term plans.

IRDA (insurance regulatory & development authority) releases claim settlement ratio data’s of all the insurance company. Claim settlement ratio mentions the total claims done to insurance company and how many of them are fulfilled. 

This will insure you that whenever you need to require claiming your insurance, you or your family members don’t need to hectic much and your claim will be passes easily. You can also find out about the insurance companies which are not good at providing claim amounts easily, this way you can filter out some bad insurance companies as well.

How to find out the Claim settlement ratio?

As mentioned above, every year IRDA announces claim settlement ratio for all the insurance company in India. So for example,  if you have liked Max life insurance’s term plan, you can search for claim settlement ratio of Max life insurance company ( have provided 2016-17 claim settlement ratio on their site).

So from the list of claim settlement ratio, you can find the data like number of policies sold on that year, amount paid by insurance company, number of claims approved on the current year.

Yes, out of all you need to check percentage of claims paid by the insurance company. That’s what the claim settlement ratio is all about. You need to check which company approved the claims the most.

This way you will get best out of your money and you will get your claim approved easily. This is the reason why we are emphasizing on the people who are buying new term insurance plan. Term insurance plans are good for future and everyone should must buy it but make sure you don’t get scammed for this.

There are many fraud happening with term insurance, insurance company make false promise to sell term insurance and customers like us has to face problems when you need to pass the claim.

So, always read the insurance terms carefully before you buy it. Also, checking claim settlement ratio is one the best thing you need to check (even you are buying term insurance online).
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