Health Benefits of using Inversion Table for Back Pain

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Inversion therapy is a procedure in which an individual is suspended upside down for stretching the backbone and alleviate back pain. The theory is that by moving the gravity of the body, pressure facilitates off the back while giving traction for the backbone. For such reasons, inversion therapy might be advantageous for individuals with long-term lower back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, and scoliosis.

What Research is Saying about Inversion Therapy?

People, who support inversion therapy, give an opinion that the procedure can solve and block back problems. They believe the stretching, as well as circulatory advantages, can be helpful in preventing future related health problems. However, studies remain inconclusive regarding the performance of inversion therapy. 

As per, inversion exercises should provide assistance to the spine by:
  • Generating more protective fluid throughout spinal discs
  • Eliminating waste from the spine
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Enhancing blood circulation via surrounding muscles
This is what the research suggests about four possible advantages of inversion therapy:-

Alleviated Back Pain: One study analyzes 47 people suffering from chronic low back pain and experiencing inversion therapy. They have practiced inversion therapy in 3 three-minute sets at varied angles. According to study, inversion therapy at 60 degrees alleviated back pain after the period of eight weeks. It also boosted strength and torso flexibility. 

Improved Spinal Health: According to theory, inversion therapy can improve the area between the spinal discs and alleviate pressure. Activities including running, sitting, and bending can place pressure on such discs. The pressure enhances the risk for back pain along with a collapsed vertebra and other difficulties. 

As per the experts, most of the well-designed studies discovered inversion therapy as ineffective, however, some individuals do report the particular form of stretching as an advantageous complementary treatment to back pain.

Enhanced Flexibility: Practicing inversion might also be translated to better flexibility. Over the time, micromovements in the backbone might be helpful in making the body stronger. You might find it easier to curve and reach. Inversion therapy is also said to improve boost posture. It might be specifically helpful in case you are involved with a desk job.

Alleviated Requirement of Surgery: According to one Study, the zero-gravity nature involved with inversion can decrease compression. The authors of the study recorded that inversion might possibly prevent disability from back issues. It might also alleviate the requirement for spinal surgery.

As per the study, individuals involved with lumbar disease alleviated their requirement of surgery six weeks following the utilization of inversion therapy. In spite of these discoveries, it is essential to note that back issues are complicated. However, before reaching any conclusion, it is crucial to consult an experienced doctor. 

The types of Inversion Therapy Devices and Techniques are Inversion tables, Inversion chairs, and Gravity (inversion) boots. A person might be able to draw the advantages of inversion therapy via certain yoga poses or asanas and they are headstands, shoulder stands, Plow pose, and handstands.

For more information, you can discover reliable internet resources or consult a doctor. You need to get specific and correct information in this regard.


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