How to Lose Weight using Treadmill Daily for Few Mins?

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A small amount of exercise is also usually better than none, however, 10 minutes on the treadmill will not provide much help on its own. Ten minutes on a treadmill is not sufficient to boost one’s overall fitness level, assist in the maintenance of the weight, or burn sufficient calories to make a reduction in a weight-loss strategy unless it is part of a comprehensive exercise program.

Minimum Time:

A moderate workout on the treadmill is a walk that is quick enough to enhance the heart rate of a person. A robust treadmill workout is a minimum jog that considerably increases the heart rate further because it quickens the breathing. A moderate pace maybe 3 mph and a jog might be around 5 mph, based on the fitness level of a person.


The 10-minute treadmill session will not burn so many calories on its own. For an instance according to experts at, if your weight is 160 lbs, then treadmill walking for 10 minutes of duration at 2 mph will not burn more than 30 calories, on the other hand, walking at 3.5 mph might burn around 46.

Jogging at 5 mph for the duration of 10 minutes might burn 97 calories as well as running at 8 mph for the same period can burn 164. In case you enhance your walking workout to the period of 30 minutes, then a 3.5 mph pace might burn 138 calories.

Making 10 Minutes Work:

Do not store your treadmill in the garage. You can create 10 minutes on a treadmill count in case it is among the exercise sessions you execute on the days you exercise. Still, you can garner the advantages of exercise if you split your 30 minutes of average exercise into three, on the other hand, 10-minute session or your 20 minutes of robust exercise into two 10-minute sessions, as per the American Heart Association.

Considerations: If boredom is the cause behind the short sessions of the treadmill, then you can make this treadmill workout further interesting with the help of interval training.  In case you generally walk at a rate of 3.5 mph at a zero incline (for an instance), then enhance the speed to 4.5 mph and the incline to 1 for one minute, then you can go back to 3.5 mph at a zero incline.

Rapid weight loss is frequently difficult to continue, specifically in case you lose the weight via severe calorie restriction. The body is going to disobey at the low levels of calories and it becomes tough to make it via the day without binging on harmful foods. Exercise accelerates weight loss and the body does not usually disobey against exercise in that manner whatever it does against fewer calories. 

Access to a treadmill enables you to lose weight fast without strictly limiting calories.

You might have several questions in your mind regarding this matter and to resolve your questions or queries, you can search the reliable internet resources or consult an experienced doctor. You need to know all the aspects involved in this matter.
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