Which is the Most Popular Brand of Beer in India?

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The Beer was introduced by the Britishers when they were in India. They also set up Asia's first beer brewery called Lion. There are various types of beers available in India that comes in two strengths - mild and a little strong. Besides Indian originated brands, some international beer brands such as Tuborg, Heineken Fosters, Budweiser, Carlsberg, etc are popular in India.

Which are the Most Popular Brands of Beer in India?

beer brands in india
With the unexpected annual growth of more than 10%, the Indian beer industry is booming and it is believed that in next 10 years, the industry will be in the great position in the world ranking. Now for the foreign visitors, trying on some branding Indian beer would not be a complicated question. 

In India, the largest producer of beer is United Breweries is situated at Bangalore. This company makes two Indian brands Kalyani Black Label and Kingfisher. Moreover, it dominates half the market of Indian beer. Shaw Wallace’s beer brands Haywards 5000 and Royal Challenge is the second largest beer producer in India, having a market share of 25%.

The players in the beer market have noticed the noteworthy rise of craft beer in India. It won’t be surprising if you see a major trend in the future with many new players entering the market.

1) Kingfisher

We can say, the most popular brand of beers nowadays is Kingfisher in India. Not only in liquor business but this name is also associated with fashion, sports, and an airline since 1978. It shares a huge market share of about 40%. Though beer itself has the mild taste, Kingfisher Strong contains 8% alcohol along with more flavour than the regular Kingfisher Premium. 

Kingfisher Blue is also a strong beer with around 8% alcohol percentage liked by the young generation. Kingfisher Ultra is distinctive and made from imported ingredients. This new label will likely to hit the market soon.

Kingfisher is the most loved and leading beer brand of India among the local as well as International brands. Its abundant malt and the light refreshing taste makes it so popular.

2) Budweiser

Budweiser is a Brazilian-Belgian company started its manufacturing unit in 1876.  What makes the brand most loved is the right and balanced combination of Rice and Barley Malt. It tastes best when served chilled. Budweiser is a choice among Indian youth and best go on a college or office trip that leads back you to the old College Days.

3) Royal Challenge

Have you noticed the tagline for Royal Challenge? - “Brewed Stronger Brewed Better” This third largest selling mild beer of India following this tagline since its inception. Royal Challenge Beer is brewed for a long time which renders it an extra. Royal Challenge beer brand is in popular demand mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. The longer brew time gives it the crisp and smooth taste along with a rich flavour. This beer is prepared using the finest 6 malt barley that gives it unique preferences.

4) Carlsberg

The Carlsberg beer is another finest beer more than 500 brands. This Indian brand has captured a secure marketplace under several names such as Carlsberg Beer, Carlsberg Lager and Carlsberg Pilsner.

So, these are the most popular brands for beer in India. Hope our article will help you to understand the topic now. Than you.

Source :- https://besthip.in/best-beer-brands-india/ (On This page we found price list of beer brands as well).
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